Jul 10, 2009

Photo to teach Hmong kids in Wisconsin

The Ferry at Thaduea, Xaiyabouli Province

The other day I got this eamail saying someone wanted permission to use a photo from my blog in making a lesson plan for teachers to use for kids grade 4 to 12 in Wisconsin. Below is the eamail and link to the teaching materials.

Needless to say I'm totaly phyched to think that some Hmong kid is going to be viewing my photo and learning something about the land his grandparents left so many years ago.

I've no idea why that photo. It is of the same rough geographic location where the Hmong flee to Thailand. If one follows the mountains across from Phonsavan, Plain of Jars, headed for Thailand that is the route you take. Us tourists take busses, but the Hmong walk, and they walk in areas to avoid notice. I'd think even to this day it is the route of choice for Hmong leaving Laos.

The Mekong swings far into Laos in Xayabouli, crossing the river doesn't mean the journey is over but it does mean that one would have even less chance to encounter soldiers.

Hello, My name is &&&&& &&&&&&. I am
a University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire masters student currently working on the
“Making Americans, Making America” (MAMA) project, a UWEC administered
educational program designed to enhance Wisconsin’s history courses (grades
4-12). As part of the program, MAMA creates free graduate history courses for WI
educators. In return, MAMA fellows are asked to utilize the knowledge and skills
they acquire from the courses by creating effective lesson plans to be
implemented in the classroom. In hopes of providing Wisconsin educators with a
valuable teaching resource, the University would like to host on its website
some of the better of these plans. However, such a project inevitably has
copyright implications, as many of the plans feature images scanned or copied
from various websites and publications. Hence, we are currently in the process
of contacting all the organizations MAMA fellows acquired materials from and
requesting their permission to use the content. One of the plans containse an
image (Ferry Boat at the Thadua crossing Xaiyabouli) copied from your webstie.
We would like to request your permission to use the content. You can access
further information on MAMA at the following address:
(MAMA is a non-profit program created specifically for the purpose of helping
Wisconsin’s educators enhance their teaching methods and classroom content). The
lesson plan has been included so that you can view how the image is being used
(slide 25).