May 22, 2013

The Rocket, a movie trailer

I'm not sure where this is made but I caught the fact that it dealt with forced relocation for hydro, which is kinda controversial I'd think.

Also infanticide of twins per Akha culture. Never heard an Akha granny speak such perfect Lao before.

I'd be interested to see the movie. I know of a couple villages getting relocated and I don't talk about it.


jrm said...

i saw the movie and had the same thought about grandma.

i did a short review on my blog. i have been mia, but i think i might start posting again.

Joyce Fu said...

Hi I just saw the movie today and it is screening across Australia now. It is very moving and culturally interesting! I am going to run a fundraising screening of it for the mines clearing organizations based in Laos in Sydney Australia in early Nov. I would like to get in touch with the blogger. Thanks.