Dec 19, 2006

Construction Begins

The cuting tenons in the wooden posts

Construction has finally begun on our deluxe shack-et. Four small apartments each with a porch in front and a couple communal baths and a kitchen beside the house The started while we were still in the US. (incase you are confused "The" is my brother in law)The whole thing is up off the ground nine feet so. Later, if desired, people can brick in their section and have another two large rooms below.
Sengthian has been handling all aspects of the job including, contractors, materials, and dealing with the four competing interests of brother and sisters. We found we save a lot of money if we buy the materials ourselves. The suppliers have been fairly similar to construction suppliers back home. They are very busy and have little time for negotiations, they sell a good product at what is already a competitive price. They’ve also been helpful in pointing us towards value. We don’t want to spend too much on a place we are probably never going to live in, but don’t want to sacrifice quality to save a dime.
So far the well and septic have been dug, concrete posts set, beams, joists and wooden posts placed on upper floor, and for all I know roof rafters and ceiling joists set. I think they are waiting on the tin roofing, electric cable, concrete culverts for well and septic, bamboo sheeting, windows and doors.
I’ve been accused of building hippy communal housing for my extended family in a Peoples Democratic Republic. I’ll plead guilty as charged.
Here’s a photo of Sengthian in the midst of negotiations over access to electricity. By law they have to let us hook up to the pole. To bring our own electric in would be cost prohibitive with thick cables and concrete posts. The neighbour knows this and is trying to gouge us for the use of “his” pole. It’s not for nothing they called her little giant in high school. Looks like she’s about ready to wack someone up side the head.

"What? Are you pii bah? You talkin dollars or kip"

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