Feb 23, 2007

The Money Changer

New Market Muang Sing

Above is the lady who can get it done for you. Kip, Baht, Dollars, Renminbe, silver, and gold, all can be changed at a fairly good rate, sometimes better than the bank. It’s up to you to know the rate. No she doesn’t accept travlers checks or visa card.

Upper left inside the glass fronted case are 100 quai renmenbi notes, the bricks third shelf down are bricks of 5000 kip notes, one of the most useful pieces of currency. She also has a few hundred US on the outside of some tens and twenties as well as thirty or forty thousand baht in thousands with a few five hundreds. I don’t know about the gold, I’d assume it’s 95% or more.
Link below for latest rates in most currencies for kip, be sure to look in the column for buying or selling, some variation due to geography, Chinese renminbe get a better rate close to China likewise Baht close to Thailand, dollars should be new and in good condition.

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