Feb 20, 2010

Tubing Get Drunk Break Skull Vang Vien

Such a great video I just had to share, with a hat tip to some Twitterer named Lee Sheridan who brought it to my attention.


Anonymous said...

So stupid ! Exactly what lao people don't need : stupid tourists getting drunk in their country.

Somchai said...

Well they certainly aren't my cup of tea.

I find myself not so amused with drunks, as well as other obnoxious tourists. Camera in the face ones, rude to locals ones, too cool by half ones, loud ones, ones that pronounce things in funny ways, my list could be long. ..but. ..

I try to take Lao centric view, if they can put up with them, so can I, I guess. A quick look at my blog shows where I spend most of my time in Laos.

I've yet to experience the tubing vang vien phenomenom, maybe next life.