Mar 16, 2010

Learning Pasa Lao on You Tube

I saw these videos via a link from WSC, and just couldn't get enough of them. A kaen plays in the background, the setting is Laos, they're speaking Vientiane Lao, even the clothes are very Lao.

My kids and I had fun trying to say the Lao word before they said it. Some of the foods had us guessing. Fish noodle soup? Kao poon. True that, don't know what else to call it. Laap, is, well, laap.

To see more go to you tube itself and look for more stuff from FindinLaos


Megs Photography said...

Just wanted to give a hello from a fellow Laotian. My awesome husband found your blog and am hoping to grab some time to back read. Love the blog so far!



Somchai said...

Hi Megs, thank you for the compliment and thanks to your husband too, I'm glad I could pass, if only online, cause, you see, my kids are half Lao, but I'm not.

Recently I was wandering the web and found a blog that was almost entirely photos of a womans kids, I'm sure one was half Lao, one of the kids is the same age as my daughter and for a split second I thought it was a photo of her. Same luke sot hair, same skin, same smile.

I know in looking I've been to your blog before, from where I don't know but I recognise your style and besides, not many profesional Lao photographers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much! I've been searching high and low for ANY resources on learning Lao for my 5 year-old son! It's really hard to find anything in Canada! Thankyou again!