Aug 31, 2010

Khaen Khene Lao เดี่ยวแคน หมอแคนฝรัง Jonny Olsen

The links are down, you tube taken down by Jonny himself. I'm back to re write and repost different vids.

I hadn't searched for Johny Olsen on you tube for a while. He has more recent solo and improvisational recordings that I love. I've been a big fan ever since seeing his hastily shot videos made in Thailand in some one's back yard against the backdrop  of a falling down chain link fence.

He also does these kind of funny electrified hip hop things that are also very Lao but with a modern interpretation. Besides being a recognised khaen player Johny sings Lum, often accompanied by the traditional skinny teenage dancing girls in funny costumes. The production of some of the things he did a few years ago are very very Lao, like what you'd see during a hot day on the video player of a long distance bus.

Lum like many kinds of music I hadn't heard before took some getting used to, but after being subjected to a steady diet, sometimes non stop, it grows on you.

Below is the one with the dancing girls


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Hi. I just stumbled on your site when I surprisingly stumbled upon the Lao Teacher's blog which took me to another Lao blog and another and another.. anyway, I'm so happy to have discovered this. I'm the only Laotian yoga teacher I know of and am tickled that laotian people blog! The lum reminds me of my dad :)