May 7, 2011

Web Site of Tourism office in Muang Long

Of most import is the link below.

Tourism Office Muang Long

And a hat tip to Wandering Stray Cat or Lao Meao

Below Mr. Tui in all his glory riding the rapids on the Nam Fa.


christay2009 said...

Looks like the secret is out!! Will I see banana pancakes, fruit shakes and a disco If/when I get back to Muang Long???

test said...

Great timing! I've been following your blog for about a year now and because of it I'm making my way towards Muang Long to hopefully go trekking with Tui (I'm in Luang Namtha at this point). The contact and pricing info is much appreciated.

Thanks and please keep blogging!

Somchai said...

Anyone who stops by please say hi to Tui for me.

Chris, somehow I doubt Muang Long will get over run in a million years. I used to worry that way, not any more.


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christay2009 said...

Shows what a dictionary can do.

Anonymous said...

I love Laos very much. A country friend.