Nov 14, 2006


This morning I thought about a food and veggie post but realized veggie was just too broad a category, when attempting to narrow it to fruit I counted the fruit on hand and came up with nine, we finished the longons yesterday as well as the oranges or it would be eleven, didn’t count the two varieties of lime used as a seasoning either, well, I guess bai kee hoot isn’t really a lime but the fruit looks like one and is called one in English.

From the left then clockwise, obviously bananas off our tree, papaya also from yard, dragon fruit, watermelon, then the lamout both with skin and then peeled and cut in half to show the dark black seed, cut up watermelon and pineapple, and at the bottom white cut chunks of and a partially peeled man pao.

Man pao is currently 15 cents a pound.
Watermelon 30 cents a piece
Lamout 30 cents a kilo
I’m guessing at the dragon fruit for 80 cents a kilo
Pineapple 45 cents a piece