Nov 14, 2006

Red ants for eating

While looking out the backdoor I noticed what seemed to be an ants nest. Sure enough these are the right kind but we need to wait until the nest turns a yellow colour. Then it will have the eggs inside and we can make the famous soup. I’ve also learned that the sourness of the soup comes not from the eggs but from the stray adult ants that get in, in particular the tail section is sour.

If you look carefully at the photo you can see the whitish nest in the background and also the largish teeth on the front of this guy. Seems like they are incorporating the leaves of this bush into the nest.

Update... I'm told the eggs won't be ready to eat until April, the height of the hot season, we'll just have to hope for a little global warming to hasten them on to ripeness. One way or another it's gaeng kai mot daeng, (red ant egg soup) in March.