Mar 1, 2007


Ghapi, absolutely deadly shrimp paste

This is a brand called Ghapi Lime, from Thailand but the little part in the red dot is Lao writing, something about ingredients. Notice there is no English? Not much call from the export market. This is very strong fermented fish 95% shrimp, 5% salt
Often used in hot papaya salad and the like. I can tell the Ghapi is coming out when my wife’s girl friends come over and I start hearing the saht hitting the coke.
In this case it was served as a side with lunch. The hot peppers are used to dip. You get a little of the hot pepper with every bite. For reference the diameter of the can is a little smaller than a Skol can.
Don’t know why I used this picture. I don’t cook with it, yet. Insects, wild cats, organ meats, ok, but not yet ghapi.

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