Mar 4, 2007

Jeao Maeng Kang

This didn’t taste as good as it looks. The beetles are of a type that live in the mai mak neeow tree. They eat the leaves. My wife bought the beetles pre cooked at the market. They should have been lightly toasted over the fire, I assume they were. Pictured are the typical ingredients for Jeao, fresh green peppers and cilantro, toasted shallots, garlic, and hot peppers. Fish sauce in the background. Not pictured to save delicate sensibilities, bang nua.
It tasted too strong for me. I think often strong flavours are used in jeao because the rice thins it out. I thought the similar jeao maeng dah that also is made of a big bug tasted better. My wife suggested that perhaps this one had more actual meat to it, and so tasted stronger. Also it often takes me a while to warm to strong tastes.
Before crushing in the coke my wife removed the heads and wings.
Maybe it’s just a food that takes a while to appreciate.

Completed Jeao ready for dipping

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