May 6, 2007


On the cutting board at home in Ban Nang Tang

I used to call this stuff Vietnamese sausage. The Vietnamese in America make it for sale. I have no idea who actually invented it, they sell a heck of a lot of it all over Laos. Sometimes 15K other times 18K there are a couple different sizes.

One variety includes some kind of pig skin, I don’t’ like that kind. Different people put in different amounts of black pepper, I like the pepper in big chunks. The basic ingredients are pig and rice flour. Not much of the meaty parts of the pig. It’s wrapped in many layers of banana leaves and steamed.

Different yaw at a restaurant

I love it, packs well and tastes great, plain or with anything else. Often it’s used in yam. Lasts a few days without refrigeration. It doesn’t taste very meaty due to the rice flour.

Saap Lai duh!

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