Apr 19, 2008

Antelope Laap

Recently Bryan, the guy who gives me meat, gave me some seal-a-mealed antelope, that somebody gave him. I don’t know the name of the guy who shot it or where. I’m assuming somewhere here in Colorado. I do know he used a 308, another one of those rounds that can knock something over way out yonder.

Having no idea what antelope tasted like I lightly fried some in canola oil. Gamey, kind of like venison. Perfect for a strong Laap.

Before I get into the laap some antelope explaining is in order. Pronghorn Antelope as found in the Americas aren’t really an antelope at all. The only surviving genus of the family Antilocapridae, it’s closest living relative is the giraffe. Yes, I looked it up.

Having worked on the prairies of eastern Wyoming I knew they were extremely fast, according to Wikipedia the only faster animal is the cheetah but the antelope can sustain high speeds for a longer period. Besides being fast they also have exceptional eyesight. If you just try to walk up to normal shooting range they will quickly become a small dot on the horizon.

Back to the laap. I pre-cut some of the ingredients, shallots, garlic, thin sliced lemon grass, regular Thai peppers, cilantro, and lime ready to add. My wife keeps a container of ground up toasted sticky rice in the spice drawer. I fried the ground up antelope, (that’s how it came. I am not too lazy to chop if that’s what you were thinking), turned off the heat and added the shallots and green onions, then a couple spoonfuls of fish sauce, a little bang nua and some pah dek water to taste.

I made the pah dek water by mixing a dab of factory made pah dek with some water in a sauce pan and simmering it until it dissolved. ( a couple of minutes) The pah dek water was key to add some juice to the whole thing and also the pah dek and gamey meat compliment each other. My Lao supervisor chastised me for over cooking the meat. I did not. Turned off the heat just as soon as it began to look like it might cook through. Antelope is just a little dry. I mean the prairie out here is technically a dessert.

Vietnamese Pah Dek in a Jar

Pahdek water yummy

Lastly I stirred in the cilantro, green onions, and hot peppers while squeezing six pieces of lime into it. I like lime juice.

And sticky rice.


Somchai said...

M.KATE said,
"i LIKE THIS BLOG!! so glad to find someone from Laos, am going to come here often to learn about everything laos !! "

But I deleted it by mistake at the same time as I deleted a spam from Sweden about dead tigers.

Sorry Kate. Thank you for the kind words re the blog. I'm not actually from Laos but I know a few people who are.

Some good ways to learn about Laos might well be through the links on the right side of the page. I regularly read the food links. There have been a couple of good histories also. Laos - the land inbetween by Grant Evans might be a good place to start. For fun Bamboo Palace gives an insight into travel and more recent history.

Laocook said...

We have made Larb with Venison before, and the strong taste is nice if you like that kind of flavour.

You can blitz a jar of Gouramy Fish with about 450ml of Fish Sauce, strain and keep for using with Larbs, then you just add a little less Fish Sauce when dressing.

Glad to see you getting "stuck in" :)

sunflower said...

Hey mr bumpkin,
i've been following your blog for almost 2 years now, as a link to a place i love: Lao.
glad to see you stretching your conservative self into the realm of human justice (even if it is drenched in the usual "sex will sell" language...)referring of course to the Burma YouTube posted from mrdude.
Thanks for carrying on and reporting on life over yonder.
What ever became of Sompawn Khantisouk from the Boat Landing in Luang Namtha, who mysteriously disappeared with the police, never to be seen again? The stuff that's going on in Burma is also going on in Lao, with activists disappearing, etc. What's with all the river damming on the Mekong, Nam Ou, Nam Tha?
Would love to learn more about this from you. Thanks for all that you do to keep us all in touch!
be well.

Somchai said...

Dear Ms Sunflower,

Assuming no guy would pick such a handle. I'm glad you find my blog entertaining. My wife also found the video about Burma very amusing, especially when the "teacher" lifts the young mans dropped jaw with her ruler. I thought the whole vid a caricature of sex sells. Notice that the actors mostly seem Asian. I'm curious as to who produced it and where.

I have no information about Pawn. I don't know him personaly, there was a good newspaper article suggesting he is imprisoned. I reposted it and you can find it by clicking on the link to the environment and ethical travel.

I've read that much of the hydro development is having trouble due to much higher costs of fuel, and that construction schedules are being reconsidered.

Me consevative????? I just spent half the day arguing for the other side on an unrelated forum. Besides my town voted for the other guy when yours went 63% for GW! Surely you folks need something to do other than watch the train go by, how about canvasing your neighborhood. ;-)

Five more months.