Apr 12, 2008

Sabai Dii Pi Mai

This is the day before yesterday. It might be new years and the height of the hot season in Laos but it's still snowing here. This photo was at 9:30 AM. The snow is so thick the movement activated light over my garage/shop came on illuminating the rack I have mounted above the big rolling door.

Today is the day they celebrate here, Saturday, I think in Laos it's the next or following day.


Katherine and Phil said...

Hey, you made it on Google Alerts - Laos - Blogs.

You've really arrived.

CK said...

Keep them posts coming. Down here in Texas the iris and old garden roses are blooming; delphiniums are just starting to bloom; hybrid tea roses showing buds; I slept out under the stars Friday night; and all plans for Glacier and the Winds are on-track. May have to adjust plans for Winds, depending on the snow.

CK said...

But it's not Colorado